Designer creates Aston Martin Boat Concept

Aston Martin Voyage Concept

An Aston Martin boat concept has been crafted by Luiz de Basto, who drew inspiration from the DBS, Vantage, Rapide, and the latest Virage.

The concept, known as the Voyage, has been made to go beyond the drawing board to create a fully functional boat available upon request

The concept features eco-friendly materials, all the necessary nautical accessories, and Aston Martin visual details such as lighting, body shapes and a modified front grille. The boat is 55 inches high, and much care was taken to translate elements of the land vehicle into the boat’s design without loosing the integrity of the boats functions.

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More pictures of Aston Martin Boat Concept –

Aston Martin Voyage Concept - 001     Aston Martin Voyage Concept - 002     Aston Martin Voyage Concept - 003     Aston Martin Voyage Concept - 004
Source Luiz De Basto (via Born RichAutoBlog)