New 110cc Mahindra Gusto scooter launched in India, price starts from Rs. 43,000/-

Mahindra 2-Wheelers has recently launched its much-awaited global scooter, the ‘GUSTO’ that has been developed entirely indigenously at its state-of-the-art R&D facility in Pune.

mahindra-gusto-frontMahindra Gusto 110cc scooter – FrontView

The name – GUSTO, is derived from the word ‘Gust’, which is a sudden strong current of wind, symbolizing the spirit of freedom. The host of consumer inspired technology innovations on the Gusto are thus expected to usher in winds of change in the way consumers experience scooters. The Mahindra GUSTO is India’s first scooter with a unique patented Height Adjustable Seat, making it easy for anyone to effortlessly adjust the seat height as per their individual needs.

GUSTO’s distinctive, bold and aspirational styling has its origins in Italy. It’s advanced (M-TEC) engine and vehicle design offer superior performance, efficiency, reliability, ride quality and comfort. It is packed with innovative features such as the Remote Flip Key, Find-Me Lamps, Guide Lamps, Bright Halogen Head Lamp with LED pilot lamps, easy Front Kick and a Quick Storage compartment, all designed to provide a delightful consumer experience.

mahindra-gusto-sideMahindra Gusto 110cc scooter – SideView

The elaborate design process involved extensive consumer research, and the leveraging of deep consumer insights.  The GUSTO has undergone rigorous validation and testing over many months.

The GUSTO is being launched at an extremely attractive introductory price of Rs 43,000 (Ex-showroom Delhi) for the GUSTO Dx variant. The top end GUSTO Vx variant is priced at Rs 47,000 (Ex-showroom Delhi). The GUSTO will first be launched in the Northern and Western parts of the country. It will then be rolled out in phased manner to the rest of the country over the next few months.

The coming months will also see the GUSTO being launched globally across South Asia, Latin America and Africa.

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See more pictures of Mahindra Gusto –

mahindra-gusto-110cc-scooter-001     mahindra-gusto-110cc-scooter-002     mahindra-gusto-110cc-scooter-003

mahindra-gusto-110cc-scooter-004     mahindra-gusto-110cc-scooter-005     mahindra-gusto-110cc-scooter-006

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  • anusha05

    Good points. The pros of the scooter out number the cons. Thanks for sharing this review. Really helped me decide. Will be purchasing this scooter soon. Looks like this is Mahindra’s best scooter and giving good competitions to other scooters in the segment. Especially love the seat adjustment feature, this way my daughter also can practice riding scooter.

  • bharathautos

    Thanks for your valuable feedback mam.

  • Rakesh Malhotra

    Looks like a good one from Mahindra… Heard that it comes with unique features like extra storage, find me lamps and good adjustable seats.Was looking to buy a scooter and this definitely looks promising.

  • Deepankar Bhat

    Hey how
    does the height adjustable seat work? Was planning to get the Gusto for
    Diwali. What are the other features that sets the Gusto apart from all its

  • Remote Flip Key, Find-Me Lamps, Guide Lamps, Bright Halogen Head Lamp with LED pilot lamps, easy Front Kick and a Quick Storage compartment are other features.