A man sitting in someone’s McLaren P1 displays disrespect

When we generally see an expensive car or a supercar that is as rare and as incredible as the gorgeous McLaren P1, we are left in awe of it. Yes, it is natural for us to take a picture as well. But sitting on it to take a picture sounds disrespectful and downright unacceptable. Recently a picture has surfaced on internet showing a guy sitting atop a unique McLaren P1 that was parked in a garage during Gumball 3000 stop over. He took the opportunity when the car was unguarded. He guy went on to upload the pic with a caption “Voy sobrado!!!” (I’ll beat everyone).

gumball-mclaren-p1A man sitting in someone’s McLaren P1 displays disrespect

The picture was then reposted by the Team Galag’s, a Gumball entrant, page on Facebook along with a message. The message clearly reflected that it would not have hurt them if the guy would have simply taken the picture. But by doing what he actually did, it makes them feel that they should rather keep their McLaren P1 hidden thereby ruining anybody else’s opportunity to admire it. Some of the comments on the Facebook helped identify the guy in question as one of the managers of the club where this incident occurred.

Sometime later, the guy in question posted a message on his personal Facebook wall. He apologized for his behavior and the picture. The message he posted stated that he apologizes to the Team Galag, owner of the McLaren P1, Gumball 3000 as well as all the people who love such unique cars. He stated that it was not misconduct and that he was not trying to do harm the car as he too shares the love for cars.

It is quite clear that the guy was trying to limit the damage with the help of this message. Nonetheless, at least he apologized for his behavior.

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