SPIED: All-electric Mahindra Halo could hit the production line soon

Debuted in the 2014 Auto Expo the Mahindra Halo an all electric two-door coupe from Mahindra Reva created a huge excitement for the visitors, specially the young crowd. It is expected that an upgraded version of the Halo will be showcased in the 2016 Auto Expo.


Mahindra Reva  intents to enter the European market it is quite possible that the Halo will be a on the export list. The Halo will be offered in two variants, one will have a range on 200 kms on full charge and a top speed of 160 km/h, while the other will have a range of 150 kms. Since Halo is planned to be launched for the European market it expected to be feature packed with equipment’s and safety features and will be equipped with a multi touch screen as well as contoured leather seats apart from an array of safety features to suit the European norms.


Having said this, at this moment there is no confirm news if the Halo will be launched in India. It seems that the Indian car market is not yet ready for EV`s considering the price and lack of basic infrastructure such as charging stations to keep the motor running. Also, considering that there are no subsidies for EV`s the initial cost is too high compared to a petrol or diesel car in the same class. Even though its a challenging market Mahindra Reva will launch the e2o in October this year and to encourage buyers it will also setup 110 fast charging stations in Bangalore.

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SourceParth Jindal on Twitter