UAE-based Ajlani Motors to make a world debut with new hypercar called Dragon

Supercar producers in the Middle East don’t have exactly a good reputation when it comes to making supercars. They certainly create incredible ideas that offer several thousands of horsepower like the Devel Sixteen, but these are often more than concepts that are surrounded by tons of talk and no action.

Nevertheless, some have succeeded in breaking the mold, including W Motors who produced the Fenyr SuperSport and the Lykan HyperSport before that. But none of these really upset the existing elite, and we still have to see a SuperSport taking true supercar royalty like a Ferrari F8 Tributo. A company called Ajlani Motors hopes to change that, however, as the newly founded brand teased a new hypercar it’s called the Dragon.

We have not been given much to go on, but we have a shadowy teaser and a confirmed reveal date for the newest supercar in the world, as Ajlani will unveil the Dragon at the Dubai Motor Show on November 12. From what we can see from the shadowy teaser video, the Dragon seems to be low-slung and mid-engined-as is all good Ferraris and Lamborghinis-and according to Ajlani, “the soul of the dragon” inspired the design. It’s all very Daenerys Targaryen, but it’s actually the man behind the brand, Bashar Ajlani, that we have to thank for. We can’t thank him yet, though, because the car is not going to be produced … not yet.

After the unveil on November 12, Ajlani hopes the concept will attract sufficient interest to find an investor, after which the Dragon will be put into production. But if we’re honest, it looks like wishful thinking. We would never have heard of Ajlani before, either, so you’re not alone if you haven’t. In reality, if you’re searching for them on social media, you’ll see that they have less than 100 Facebook followers.

We know the concept will definitely exist, as Ajlani Motors was announced as an exhibitor at the 2019 Dubai Motor Show which will start from mid next-month, but the question remains, is there going to be enough weight-age to attract investors, or is the Ajlani Dragon destined to follow the Devel Sixteen way?


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