2014 Auto Expo – Verito Electric & Halo Concept showcases the electric technology capability of Mahindra-Reva

Mahindra has been taking electric car segment very seriously. The company has been putting consistent efforts in manufacturing some of the finest electric vehicles available in the Indian market. The two electric cars showcased by Mahindra at their 2014 Auto Expo pavilion are Verito Electric and Halo Electric.

2014-mahindra-verito-electric-sedanMahindra Verito 4-door Electric Sedan

Verito Electric is a 4-door electric sedan by Mahindra. This car has been equipped with a 29 KW AC motor that produces a power output of 39 BHP and has a range of 100 km. It has Lithium-ion batteries that take 6 hours to get charged fully while a quick charge takes only 1.5 hours. The Mahindra Verito Electric offers the top speed of 86 km/hr. It is a very eco-friendly vehicle as it does not produce noise or emissions.

Positioned above Mahindra diesel Verito, this car is the first completely electric sedan. Verito Electric has same interiors as its regular version. However, automatic gearbox has replaced the manual one and a digital instrument cluster has been incorporated. Verito Electric will carry a price tag of Rs. 9 lakh. It is a good option for city customers who want a cost efficient family vehicle.

2014-mahindra-halo-electric-sports-carMahindra Halo 2-seater Electric Sportscar

Halo Electric is a fully electric two-seater sports car. This car has been equipped with a 105 KW electric motor that can produce a power output of 140 BHP and has a range of 200 km. Powered by high capacity batteries, the Halo Electric offers top speed of 160 km/hr and can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/hr in merely 8 seconds.

This car features soft toned styling, high end connectivity and dual touch screen infotainment system. It comes with advanced safety features. The Mahindra Halo Electric is expected to come with a price tag of about Rs. 30 lakh to Rs. 35 lakh.  The company is planning to gets it production version ready by early-2016.

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2014-mahindra-halo-electric-sports-car-001Mahindra Halo 2-seater Electric Sportscar – FrontView

2014-mahindra-halo-electric-sports-car-002Mahindra Halo 2-seater Electric Sportscar – SideView