Audi’s support to Lamborghini


The on-and-off Lamborghini Estoque sedan is back on again. Last we heard, it was reported that CEO Stephan Winkelmann prefers to build a sedan variant more than the recently rumored SUV project. Recent reports suggest that the Estoque is back in the product lineup after senior executives at Audi agreed to put their support behind the sedan supercar last week.

Insiders say that the Estoque is exactly what Lamborghini needs to more than double sales and financial independence. Sources also told AutoExpress that the Estoque will use the same production chassis as the recently rumored A9 four-door.

“Designing a supercar from a clean sheet of paper is one thing, but a limousine that people will drive to work every day… 
well, that’s a different thing, 
and Lamborghini doesn’t have the resources to do it by itself,” the source said. When the production Estoque hits the streets, it will be offered with V10 and V12 engines and will offer all-wheel-drive.

Source – Autoexpress