Jaguar will offer all-wheel-drive on Jaguar XF and XJ within 3 years


In order to keep up with tough German competition, Jaguar plans on releasing all-wheel driver versions of the XF and XJ models sometime in the next three years.

Apart from these upcoming models, the only other Jaguar that came with all-wheel drive was the X-Type, which was built on a different platform. Adrain Hallmark, Jaguar’s global brand director, notes that taking the rear-wheel drive models and making them all-wheel is an extremely high cost move, but says it is a necessary change for the automaker.

Not only are the German luxury brands a concern, but some of Jaguar’s best markets are in areas that benefit from an all-wheel drive car, which are along the east coast.

While the XJ is doing well against the other vehicles in the segment, there is still room for improvement, and the XF hasn’t done well since its 2008 launch. The addition of all-wheel drive should help boost sales numbers and improve ratios against brands like BMW and Audi.

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Source – CARandDRIVER