India-bound Tesla Model 3 revealed in production form – first look with video

Tesla likes to attract people with its interesting range of vehicles, and the Model 3, due for a launch this-year, hasn’t failed to meet expectations.

Tesla did open bookings for this electric sports car sometime ago, and as expected the response has been truly amazing. Though the car will be launched this-year, deliveries will commence in 2018 due to the strong demand. For now Tesla CEO Elon Musk has uploaded a video of the upcoming Model 3 driven for the first time on his official Twitter page.

The Model 3 will be the cheapest Tesla car in the world when it gets launched, costing $35,000 (approx. 35 lakh). It will have a range of 215 miles (344 kilometers), which are decent numbers for a city car. The Model 3 will be powered by Tesla’s famed ‘ludicrous +’ mode, which will enable the car to complete 0-100 in about 6 seconds.


The Tesla Model 3’s prices may start from Rs. 50 lakh approx. (ex-showroom) in India.

This car will sport a massive and attractive looking glassroof which will give the car a good amount of space. It will also come with a 5-star safety rating with the options of supercharging. Targeted at the mass market, the car is designed for buyers who want the futuristic technology but don’t want a big car nor want to spend a lot of money.

The Model 3 will include Tesla’s autopilots system, which enables the car to move without human interference for a period of time, which can be an “X – factor ” when it comes to driving in Indian conditions.

Furthermore, the Tesla CEO has stated that the Model 3 will not come with a conventional instrument cluster nor a head-up display. Instead, a large-centre touchscreen display will not only show entertain passengers with the infotainment system but also provide access to the driver displaying car’s instrumentation and controls for the vehicle’s operation.

The Model 3 is a compact sedan from the Tesla, Inc. which currently has a sedan (S) and a SUV (X) in their portfolio. Once launched, it will compete head – on with the BMW 3-Series and Audi A4, both of whom have a big-fan following in India.

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