The Hotelicopter is the world’s first flying hotel (Video)

Sometime back the rumors of the world’s first flying five star hotel was circulating over internet. As per the information we could gather, it was named as Hotelicopter and it was stated that it will feature 18 rooms luxuriously furnished to take care of all your comfort and offer you a truly unique, spectacular and memorable experience.

hotelicopter-worlds-first-flying-hotelThe World’s first flying hotel – Hotelicopter

The details revealed that each of the 18 rooms were soundproofed. They had a queen sized bed, a mini bar, coffee machine, fine linens, wireless internet and a range of other luxuries. An hour after the takeoff and before the landing, room service will be made available. It was also mentioned that there will be three fly tours available to the customers. The inaugural summer tour of 14 days started from 26th June to 10th July, 2009; the California tour of 7 days started from 17th July to 24th July, 2009; and the Bay/ Jamaica European tour of 16 days started from 31st July to 16th August, 2009.

The advertisement was a complete package with assure of a professional, excellent crew and staff to take care of the prospective travelers safety and security. They also assured that the vehicle meets, rather exceeds, the set criteria for operating, safety as well as maintenance requirements stated by the FAA in the Code of Federal Regulations.

However, it later came into light that the entire thing was simply an April fool’s day prank. The prank was too good and hence, it kept circulating even long after April 1 was gone. The people behind this prank reported receiving over 1.5 million page and video views. They stated that even they did not imagined that the prank will blow up to such proportion. Well, we hope that the adrenaline junkies hoping to hop the Hotelicopter were not so disappointed by the revelation.

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