Gallardo-replacing Lamborghini Cabrera – how a supercar could look like!


Gallardo-replacing Lamborghini Cabrera – FrontView

No matter how well the demand or value for the car is Lamborghini strictly follows its own tradition of replacing the bull for every 10-year-old design. Hyundai India is still fooling customers by selling 3 generations of Santo simultaneously, Santro Xing, i10 and Grand i10 😛 . In 2012, Lamborghini replaced Murcielago with Aventador LP 700-4, following the same bloodline the company will next-year replace Gallardo with a new sportscar.

The Gallardo-replacement model is rumored to be called ‘Cabrera’ and that’s not a coincidence. In line with Lamborghini tradition, the car will be named after a Spanish fighting bull. However, the Cabrera name isn’t confirmed by Lamborghini. ‘Deimos’ and ‘Huracan’ are other rumored names that are floating around. The new Lamborghini model will be closely related to the next-generation Audi R8. A shared platform and running gear has been all but confirmed.

The main things on the list for the new Lambo addition are to shed more weight, add more power, improved dynamics, characteristics and also fuel efficiency. Expect the 5.2-litre V10 engine similar to the one in the Gallardo. Evolved, improved and expected to lean towards the 600 horsepower mark, making this the LP-600. The latest R8’s seven-speed S tronic transmission should be making an appearance in the latest Lambo, making it the first Santagatesi supercar to feature a dual-clutch ‘box. The Cabrera will be offered in standard all-wheel-drive option, but will also come with rear-wheel-drive.


Gallardo-replacing Lamborghini Cabrera – RearView

Earlier this-year, Lamborghini tweeted that they have successfully manufactured the 12,000th unit of Gallardo sportscar. Gallardo is also the most produced Lamborghini sportscar ever. Gallardo’s so called big brother, Murcielago’s production was stopped at 4,099 units. Lamborghini Gallardo was first introduced back in 2003 and over the years, many variants of Gallardo have been introduced. Now it’s about time, then, for a new model to replace the baby Lambo after a long sequence of numerous facelifts and special editions, including our very own India special edition with a new model.


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Photo Renderings – Lamborghini Gallardo successor could be named ‘Cabrera’


See more rendered pictures of Gallardo-replacing Lamborghini Cabrera –

Gallardo-replacing-Lamborghini-Cabrera-Matteblack-FrontView     Gallardo-replacing-Lamborghini-Cabrera-Matteblue-FrontView     Gallardo-replacing-Lamborghini-Cabrera-MatteYellow-FrontView     Gallardo-replacing-Lamborghini-Cabrera-MatteWhite-FrontView

Gallardo-replacing-Lamborghini-Cabrera-MatteYellow-RearView     Gallardo-replacing-Lamborghini-Cabrera-MatteYellow-RearView-Spoiler     Gallardo-replacing-Lamborghini-Cabrera-MatteSilver-RearView     Gallardo-replacing-Lamborghini-Cabrera-MatteSilver-RearView-Spoiler


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