Eicher unveils entire new range of ‘Pro Series’ commercial vehicles, 11 new products includes trucks and buses


Eicher Pro Series commercial vehicles range

Eicher recently unveiled its entire new range of future generation trucks and buses at an impressive product reveal function in Pithampur. On display were 11 new products (both trucks and buses) covering the entire 5 to 49 tonne gross vehicle weight range. While continuing to address the large sized value segment, the new range also marks the entry of Eicher brand into the emerging premium segment that requires higher power and torque combination as well as a greater degree of refinement and sophistication.

The all-new product range has been named the “Eicher Pro”series. Adopting the most professional and holistic approach to modernise the Indian trucking industry, the new brand philosophy is to “Go Pro”; that is to give Indian trucking a truly professional offering which will lead to higher productivity, profitability and prosperity for the customer. Eicher’s new Pro series trucks and buses promise to deliver best-in-class fuel efficiency, higher loading capacity, superior uptime and overall vehicle life time profitability.

With a completely new Pegasus-based front styling across the product family, the new range of vehicles are a quantum leap in each and every aspect, from exterior design to engine technology to cabin features. The new heavy duty range of trucks revealed today will be powered by new generation engines adapted from Volvo Group technology with power capacity of 180-280 hp with high fuel efficiency, reliability and long life.

In a special message relayed during the event, Olof Persson, President and Chief Executive Officer, Volvo Group said “The trucks launched today are the embodiment of our joint efforts over the last five years. The vital combination of the Volvo Group’s world class technology and the frugal cost expertise and management of Eicher has created a range that will set new standards amongst customers with high demands on profitability, flexibility and driver effectiveness.”

Speaking at the occasion, Siddhartha Lal, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Eicher Motors Ltd. said, “The Volvo Group and Eicher Motors came together five years ago with a vision to modernize the Indian commercial vehicle industry; and we are here today to present the most professional, holistic and progressive approach to Indian trucking .Our philosophy of “Go Pro” implies that our customers can truly work with and rely on a professional partner. Eicher’s products, service and attitude are truly professional, and this enables our customers to become more productive, profitable and prosperous in their work and life”.
The Eicher Pro series range will be launched in a phased manner starting from February-2014.


Eicher Pro Series Tipper range

In addition to other senior executives from Volvo Group, Joachim Rosenberg, Executive Vice President, Volvo Group Trucks Sales & Marketing and JVs, Asia Pacific and Philippe Divry, Senior Vice President, Trucks Joint Venture India were also present at the occasion.

Delighted of the progress of the JV, Joachim Rosenberg, said, “Today Eicher is considered as the 5th brand in the competitive portfolio of Volvo Group brands. It is an integral part of the Volvo Group’s strategy to expand in Asia and other growth markets. With the launch of the Pro series of trucks by Eicher, our strategy in Asia gets further strengthened. With the improvement in infrastructure and road network in India, there is a requirement of more effective transport chains. The new Pro series of trucks being revealed today is in a prime position to meet these requirements.”

Speaking at the occasion, Vinod Aggarwal, Chief Executive Officer, VE Commercial Vehicles Limited said, “Today marks an important milestone in our journey to become a significant player in the commercial vehicle industry and these new products will play a very important role in reaching our goal. The entire VECV team is extremely excited today. The Eicher brand has got a strong foundation with the most advanced manufacturing facilities and product quality, backed by an all-India dealership and service reach that is highly capable. In addition, the new Pro series will provide our customers the best end-to-end solutions for their commercial transportation requirements.”


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See more pictures of Eicher Pro Series commercial vehicles –

2014-eicher-pro-school-bus-india     2014-eicher-pro-private-bus-india     2014-eicher-pro-3014-14.5ton-india     2014-eicher-pro-3014-145ton-india

2014-eicher-pro-6031-31ton-india     2014-eicher-pro-1059xp-7.2ton-india     2014-eicher-pro-8031-31ton-india     2014-eicher-pro-heavy-truck-india


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