BharatBenz launches three heavy-duty trucks in India

BharatBenz launches three heavy-duty trucks

Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. (DICV), recently launched its first set of trucks under the BharatBenz brand in Mumbai, BharatBenz is 100% Indian subsidiary of the world’s No. 1 truck manufacturer Daimler AG. The 3 Heavy-Duty trucks launched are first among the range of 17 models that will happen in the next 17 months and will expand from six to 8 segments later.

Three heavy-duty BharatBenz trucks in 25 tonne and 31 tonne category – 2323R and 3123R for the haulage segment and 2523C for the construction segment – all based on the Axor platform, the heavy duty trucks feature a 230PS 6-cylinder engine. The 2523 range is priced between Rs 15.7 lakh and 17.2 lakh, and 3123 is from Rs 18.7 lakh to Rs 20.2 lakh.

Speaking on the occasion, Marc Llistosella MD and CEO of DCIV, said –

 “Today is an important milestone for all of us at Daimler and Indian trucking as, from today on, Indian truck buyers will have a new choice. A choice of trucks that are more fuel efficient, more reliable and in the end makes them more successful. BharatBenz is here, and we are proud to have delivered on the promise we made since 2010, to launch our trucks in September 2012. We will drive the change in the Indian market with a new product experience, a new sales experience and a new service experience for our customers.”

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BharatBenz 914     BharatBenz LDT1214     BharatBenz Tipper 1217     BharatBenz HDT2523


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