Dodge Ram truck brings a Hyundai Veloster’s dangerous police chase to halt (Video)

What will you do if a regular guy puts his life and car in danger to stop a speeding vehicle heading towards a park and ends up with his car practically damaged? It appears that people of Utah are very thankful to the guy and wish to help him in getting his vehicle repaired. And it is not just the general public but also a few auto parts manufacturing companies who are grateful and eager to help.

heroic-dodge-ram-driver-who-stopped-a-dangerous-police-chase-is-getting-his-truck-repaired-for-freeThe Driver of the heroic Dodge Ram who recently stopped a dangerous police chase is now getting his truck repaired

Not so long along, a driver named Bryson Rowley riding his Dodge Ram put an end to a potentially dangerous and deadly police chase. The police was chasing a 14-year-old kid who was riding his grandfather’s Hyundai Veloster car at a very high speed through the park in Syracuse, Utah after having stolen the automobile. Because of his negligent and rash driving, the boy had almost hit many children during this scene.

When the kid was trying to turn back towards the park once again, Rowley stepped in with his Dodge Ram truck and hit it head on to stop the car. Mercifully, he did not suffer any injuries during this collision. Also, his Dodge Ram truck emerged almost unharmed from the collision as compared to the Hyundai Veloster it collided with. Nonetheless, there is a lot of damage repair work that need to be carried out on the truck.

driver-heroic-dodge-ram-recently-stopped-dangerous-police-chase-now-getting-truck-repairedIt is quite heartwarming to see that various companies as well as members of the public have come up to extend help to the hero driver, Bryson Rowley, in order to get this truck restored to health. They have now created a fundraising page for this purpose. Fusion Bumpers along with many other automobile companies who are eager to help have offered Rowley to supply the replacement parts for this damaged truck.

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