Car dashboard to be made of grass

The concern towards environment preservation and protection is bringing radical changes in many industries. The automotive industry is also not far behind from getting influenced by this trend and growing phenomenon to go green. Thus, the auto making companies across the globe are looking for more innovative and creative means to meet the norms that are fast changing in favor of a greener and more sustainable planet.

cars-dashboard-made-grassCar dashboard to be made of grass (image used as an illustration)

They are doing their bit to contribute towards the conservation of our environment. Since a large part of the automobiles and their interiors are made up of petroleum based plastics, the auto manufacturing brands are searching for a suitable eco-friendly alternative that is a byproduct of agricultural activities, such as certain grasses.

The Director of Bioproducts Discovery and Development Centre, University of Guelph, Dr. Amar Mohanty has stated that the auto making industry is showing keen interest in including bio-based materials in manufacturing their products. Dr. Mohanty and his team has gained recognition at the 2014 Auto21 conference. They were appreciated for their research on hybrid composite materials that can be utilized for manufacturing the interior parts of vehicles.

cars-dashboard-grows-plantcars-dashboard-grows-plantCar dashboard to be made of grass (image used as an illustration)

Inclusion of bio components in cars will basically include use of typical byproducts, such as switchgrass instead of petroleum based products to improve the overall properties of the vehicle. This will help automakers in achieving reduced weight, less carbon foot print, reduced global warming and allow them to meet emission norms. These factors are otherwise quite difficult to obtain.

Ketchup making company H.J. Heinz Co. and world renowned auto manufacturing giant Ford Motor Co. have recently announced their collaboration to research whether the tomato fibers can be utilized for manufacturing composite materials that can be used for wiring brackets and producing some other interior parts of the car to replace the petroleum based plastic parts.

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Source – Guelphmercury