A helicopter & 5 police cars chase a stolen moped for nearly 3 hours

Two teenagers stole a moped that rode it around Bristol as cops were chasing them. The stolen moped, as has been reported, was being chased by a police helicopter as well as 5 patrol cars for around two and a half hours. According to the witnesses who saw the chase, the moped was riding across Shirehampton, Patchway, Bishopston and Clifton followed by a number of police vehicles. The police officials provided with an explanation that because of the force policy they were not able to pursue the two teenagers riding the moped properly on the grounds. They also stated that the two of them were not wearing crash helmets as well.

helicopter-five-police-cars-chase-stolen-moped-3-hoursThe above picture just used as an illustration

A police official also made a formal announcement stating that the officers on duty responded to the theft at around 4:45pm on April 25th. The two teenage boys were arrested later that night at about 7:20 pm. The elder of the two, 18-year old rider, has been charged with theft, driving without a license, dangerous driving and no insurance at the magistrate’s court in Bristol. His companion, a 16-year old boy, is also facing legal action for being carried on a moped with the consent of the owner of the vehicle.

Delinquent behavior, rash driving on roads and vehicle theft is becoming very common these days. A lot of cases have been reported not just in London but in various places across the world. The law making bodies of respective countries need to make strict rules and laws regarding the same. The law enforcement official will also have to ensure that the rules and laws are being followed diligently. Parents will also have to work on the matter and ensure that their kids get driving license made, practice safe driving and follow traffic rules for their own safety and that of others.

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