VIDEO: Tata Hexa towing Boeing 737-300 passenger aircraft!

Tata Motors has a pretty good track record when it comes to fun and creative ways to promote their latest products, now the company has displayed the Hexa’s true towing prowess by pulling Boeing made 737-300 passenger aircraft.

In case you haven’t seen, watch the above video where the Tata Hexa becomes a Hulk pulling the Boeing 737-300 passenger aircraft that weighs 32,900 kgs (32.90-tons)* for more than 100-ft at least. And it does with so much ease without any snag or hurdles. No modifications were made to increase towing capacity or generate more power, allowing the Tata Hexa to pull at least 30 times its regular towing capacity.

It seems like Tata Motors picked an idea from JLR’s marketing department for this stunt, where-in a Land Rover Discovery Sport was shown towing a 100-tonne train. This is not the first time the Tata Hexa has been seen performing a stunt. Another promotional video was seen that the Hexa being raised with the help of a ramp, and then being driven on just two wheels around the track.

Looks like a brilliant campaign to promote the Hexa’s capability, although its not that surprising because a normal 2-footed strong man named Mark Kirsch had pulled the Boeing 767-200 passenger aircraft (100-ft distance) weighing 80,286 kgs (88.50-tons)* in 2010.

*Refers to the weight mentioned here are of empty-aircraft (without luggage, crew or passengers).
Checkout the video of Tata Hexa on 2-wheels, after a jump.

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