A woman driver faces life imprisonment as she stopped car to save ducklings

Sometimes such things do happen that leave you astound and wondering. One such incident occurred when a women driving on Montreal Highway parked her car in the left lane in order to go out and help little ducklings that were on the median. Emma Czornobai’s parked car became an unfortunate reason for a pile up at the highway. This lead to the death of a father and his daughter.

woman-driver-faces-life-imprisonment-stopped-car-save-ducklingsA woman driver faces life imprisonment as she stopped car to save ducklings

This happened in the year 2010. Emma is now 25 years old and has been convicted on two counts. She is facing legal action for criminal negligence leading to death. Her sentence is due in August this year. The maximum punishment that the charge carries is of life sentence. Emma is also facing legal action on two counts of dangerous driving leading to death. The maximum punishment for this is 14 years in jail.

On doing some search we found reports that state the father and daughter were riding at a very high speed of 80 miles per hour on their Harley Davidson though the Highway was a 60 miles per hour zone. The wife of the man was following the bike at a slower speed. Emma riding her car on the highway, spotted seven ducklings on the median. Being an avid animal lover, she stopped her car to help the ducklings to safety. She did not see the mother duck.

The wife of the deceased man does not blame Emma for the death of her family. In fact the case appears unusual to the Montreal Gazette as well because there wasn’t any criminal intent that could be tied to Emma’s action. A former prosecutor has stated that Emma could face life imprisonment but the case may end with some kind of probation as the victims’ relative are holding her responsible for the accident.

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