Indian Traffic Fines and Punishment

Indian road accident

Over 100,000 people are killed in accidents on Indian roads every year and experts say that better signages and lighting, curbing drunken driving and hiking fines for traffic offences could help reduce the exceptionally high toll.

On February 20, 2010, The Hindu reported rising number of traffic offences and violations in Erode, Tamil Nadu. This is the scenario in most Indian cities, because people blatantly violate traffic rules and worse, the cops turn a blind eye to them. Certain common types of traffic violations include over-speeding, wrong side parking, signal jumping, talking on the mobile phone while driving and halting buses at the middle of a road.

Such traffic offences result in long traffic snarls, rising tempers and accidents.

So, what is the remedy? To start with, the traffic police must do their duty diligently and levy fines for traffic offences promptly.

Traffic Fines and Traffic Points

Indian Traffic Police India has a system of on-the-spot traffic fines/imprisonment as punishment. Some countries have a system of issuing traffic points, the accumulation of which beyond certain limit, results in cancellation of driving license and permanent disqualification from driving.

Traffic violations in most countries are basically of two kinds: parking and moving violations. While parking violations are applicable to parked vehicles, moving violations are applicable to the moving ones, are more serious and attract stringent penalties and punishments. For instance, when a moving vehicle hits a person causing him injuries or death, it is a criminal offence.

Here is a peek into certain traffic offences and their penalties in India –

  • Driving without a valid license can attract a maximum penalty of Rs. 500/- and/or three months imprisonment.
  • Allowing your vehicle to be driven by someone without a valid driving license – Rs. 1000/- fine and/or three months imprisonment
  • Driving without valid insurance – Rs. 1000/- fine and/or three months imprisonment
  • Driving without RC – Rs. 2000/- as fine
  • Driving without helmet – Rs. 1000/- as fine
  • Driving without fastened seatbelts – Rs. 100/- as fine
  • Hasty or dangerous driving – Rs. 1000/- fine and/or six months imprisonment
  • Driving against one way – Rs. 100/- as fine
  • Taking U-turn during outlawed periods – Rs. 100/- as fine
  • Using high beam when unnecessary – Rs. 100/- as fine
  • Disobeying and jumping traffic signal – Rs. 100/- as fine
  • Exceeding speed limits – up to Rs. 1000/- as fine
  • Using mobile phone while driving – Up to Rs. 1000/- as fine
  • Driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol – Rs. 2000/- and/or six months imprisonment
  • In case of a minor accident – Rs. 1000/- as fine

Provisions for traffic fines and penalties for traffic violations are provided in the “Rules of the Road Regulation.” The violation of these rules is punishable under the traffic police rules and the Motor Vehicles Act.