DC Design Scania MetroLink buses high-resolution mega gallery


DC Design Scania MetroLink Bus – ExteriorView

Swedish automaker Volvo has been ruling the Indian luxury public transport scene ever since it was first brought into service by the Bangalore metropolitan transport corporation. There was no competition at all for Volvo, because no Indian manufacturer had the knowledge or expertise to compete with the global leader. But now, there is one.

Scania AB, also based out of Sweden has recently inaugurated its manufacturing facility at Narasapura, near Bangalore. And at the inauguration was seen, the MetroLink which was designed by Indian design house DC design. This vehicle too, carries the design traits that all DC vehicles carry. It looks absolutely fantastic and futuristic.

The DC design MetroLink comes with a 13-litre, 6 cylinder diesel engine putting out 410 HP and over 1000 NM of torque. What makes it that much more feasible for inter-city transport, is the fact that it is BS V emissions compliant. It is mated to an 8-speed Scania OptiCruise automatic transmission, and the bus comes loaded with all the safety features one would expect from the Swedish automaker, including ABS, EBD, Traction control, Scania Retarder (speed limiter with manual/automatic control), automatically controlled exhaust brake system, reversing camera, and hill hold.

On the inside, the Scania takes it to yet another level altogether. There are 21 fully motorized, Electronic reclining seats in the bus and all of them are completely clad in pure leather and Each seat comes with its own infotainment system which includes a 21″ inch screen on which live television channels or movies can be viewed, also available is a PC with Wi-Fi facilities and each seat gets Sennheiser headphones as well so that everyone can enjoy their movie or music in seclusion.


DC Design Scania MetroLink Bus – InteriorView

The interior of the bus is on par with that of aircrafts. Even the luggage storage compartments are similar to those on aircrafts and bigger baggage can be stored in the 11.5cu mtr lower luggage compartment. There is even an on-board toilet and pantry with equipment like induction heater, coffee/tea machine, fridge, micro-wave oven etc…

Surat-based Siddhi Vinayak logistics limited has given Scania a bulk order of 120 DC design MetroLink buses and Scania has promised to deliver 8 buses every month beginning in December-2013. If this is what the future of Indian inter-city transport looks like, bring it on.

Special thanks to our friend Yeshwanth Kadri for letting us share the high-resolution pictures.


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dc-design-scania-metrolink-b11-r-buses-033     dc-design-scania-metrolink-b11-r-buses-034     dc-design-scania-metrolink-b11-r-buses-035     dc-design-scania-metrolink-b11-r-buses-036

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