Volvo B7R chassis : Ultimate Luxury on wheels

dc volvo b7r Just imagine the need for time to cram in meetings, presentations, thinking on one’s feet, hitting the ground running almost 20 hours a day and even then using the balance hours schmoozing up the recalcitrant kind and you know that productivity suffers. What do the smart set do? Easy, they try and get not just a force multiplier but also in the process aim for an efficiency enhancer.

And for the hard working set nothing beats efficiency enhancement than an office cum lounge on wheels which helps get the work done and some, plus also relaxes the starry big wig enough so that he or she can come up with the big winners in every working stint.

Well let’s cut straight to the chase and that is not the Volvo B7R coach but what it has been converted into. Now you can see this sort of coach doing the long distance haul all over the land and in the process the B7R’s comfort, refinement, high speed handling and safety have made it a buzz word not just among fleet operators but also drivers and most importantly for those who use it to go from city to city.

The Volvo has truly revolutionized how punters have begun looking at road transport and demanding the Volvo standard out on our highways. In the process it has also made the world’s largest bus maker – Mercedes-Benz to accelerate its India plans and usher in its own buses albeit with a little out sourcing of manufacturing capability (with Sutlej of Jallandhar).

The luxury standard has definitely been raised and also realized to a great extent and established bus makers – giants like Tata Motors and Ashok Leyland – have had to dig deep and start their move into the Volvo league.

However what many didn’t realize is what the Volvo B7R can be put to and the gorgeously outfitted interior you see in these images is for real. And the credit to dream up this masterpiece and also to make it perform as both a force multiplier and efficiency enhancer is noted automotive design whiz Dilip Chhabria.

Now many might wonder why someone would want to go to so much excess but probably the same question was asked of the late great Malcolm Forbes publisher of the famous Forbes business magazine. Not content with the mere trappings of the trade, the larger than life Forbes converted no less than a triple-engined Boeing B727 into a lavishly equipped office cum entertainment cum relaxation module wherein he could work, play and entertain on the move.

While Forbes was quite blatant about his B727, going to the extent of naming it the Capitalist Tool, the incumbent who commissioned DC Design to emulate something in the same vein though plying on terra firma and not taking to the skies is a noted star of the Indian cine scene.

What dazzles the subconscious is the sense of the aesthetic in the way the interior has been created. There certainly is a business jet ambiance as soon as you hit the high deck but even more lavish and with far more space than the small fuselage of say a Beechcraft King Air or such a type of business jet.

Luxury abounds but this is also complemented by high tech and top notch fittings which make this a powerful work station on wheels while delivering seven star relaxation and comfort. The interior theme could best be termed as keeping in the classic Scandinavian style with asymmetrical design pervading in its finely executed surfaces.

The all round cladding for the sides and the roof liner are clear indicators to the lounge concept and the manner in which the ceiling-mounted air-con unit (with its streamlined air ducts all across the ceiling) has been turned from just the functional into an art form bears mention.

It is not just about touch and feel, given the variety of materials employed but also how high skilled craftsmanship worked seamlessly and without conflict with the high tech incorporated into so many facets of the interior.

dc volvo b7r interiorTake in the mood lighting of the interior, from the 5-mode lighting zone roof lights to the direct and indirect dimable lighting, executed by LEDs all across the large expansive interior. The circuitry for their operation plus the computer controls for the same were done in-house as were the proprietary touch screen switches to activate them all and this is a skill on a large scale which isn’t to be found easily even in the developed world.

With many specialist carrozzerias in Italy getting too costly for their very own existence, Indian enterprise such as DC Design has not just the requisite skill sets and design expertise but it also marries these with a price proposition that makes it a killer combo for those high net worth individuals and firms who would desire the best to go about their business, be it business or cinema.

The automated privacy blinds and the duochromatic windows assure guaranteed nondisturbance to the star executive while the classy leather wrapped seating systems and rest modules soak him in rich soothing style. The genuine teak and brushed aluminium accents continue the Scandinavian style theme making the hardworking star executive deliver his best thanks to the fantastic environment he is surrounded in.

Source:- EconomicTimes