Tiny KUV100 like-looking thing from China wants to be Mercedes-Benz GLE

This is the luxing iStar, a car that looks so much of a Mercedes-Benz that you can spot some similarities between both from most angles. This car was unveiled at the 2017 Jinan EV show in China, where a host of other electric vehicles were also displayed, but it stood out for its uniqueness and contradictions.


This modified Luxing iStar LSEV’s front-fascia looks like a Mercedes-Benz GLE replica.

This car is manufactured by a company called Dezhou Luxing Vehicle company, and the car powered by a 72 volt lead acid battery for 1.6 HP. The car looks exactly the same from Mercedes cars at the front, particularly the GLE, barring the logo which is placed upside down. Even the interiors are a bit similar to the ones on Mercedes cars, but poor quality both interior and exterior could be a drawback.


Side-profile resembles that of Mahindra KUV100, however, note the A-Class like sculpted creases.

The sides, don’t look the same as Mercedes ones and takes inspirations from the KUV100 from Mahindra, highlighting the tallboy stance. The rear is almost the same, but the tallboy design does not make the rear hook exciting either. The car can go to a to speed of 45 kmph, and at a range of 150 km. The car can be bought for a price tag of 22,000 Yuan or just about INR 2,00,000.

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Image CourtesyCar News China