Datsun Go unveiled by Shivraj Kumar in Bangalore

The regional launches of the latest Datsun Go are being celebrated across the nation. According to reports, the car was now been welcomed in Bangalore. The unveiling was carried out by Shivraj Kumar. The car is likely to get a good response from the audience. To keep the Indian buyers happy and to offer this car in an attractive manner, the automaker has decided to offer seven exciting package options.

datsun-go-shivraj-kumar-bangaloreDatsun Go unveiled by Shivraj Kumar in Bangalore

Datsun Go is basically a budget hatchback car which features only bare essentials. The seven offer packages will vary in terms of external as well as internal features allowing a consumer to select for different choices as per their requirement, demand and taste. A special Woman’s Edition of Datsun Go will also be offered. This variant has been specifically customized to allure women consumers. This package comes with a parcel tray, rear and side curtains, cushion kit, mood lighting, reverse parking camera, reverse parking sensor and a special security system.

The Family Package I and II, as the name suggests, has been customized to suit the family comforts. Besides these, there is a Sports Package meant to cater the demands of adventurous consumers. Trendy package is meant for flashy consumers. It comes with a wide range of luxurious and high end features. The last two packages are Essential Packages I and II. The basic feature of this package is that it allows your Datsun Go to continue its sparking look for a longer period.

The company is also offer test drives. Buyers can book their latest Datsun Go online via authorized dealers. This hatchback will be made available in D, A and T variants. The D variant will come with a price tag of Rs. 3.12 lakhs, the A variant will be available at a cost of Rs. 3.46 lakhs and the T variant will come at a price of 3.69 lakhs.


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