BharathAutos Turns 5 Years Old Today

Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re doing well today!

Its been five years since we launched our full-fledged website. We’ve come a long way in this half-decade and before I begin this message, I will thank each one of you, for your support, help and encouragement that has kept our team going these wonderful five years.

I have never imagined that I will be blogging with the same drive and energy 5 years later. At the time I write this post, we’ve posted no less than 5,750 articles, 28,550 images and few thousands of videos about the automobile. We have received close to 7 lakh views on our YouTube channel videos.


I want to thank my brother Azfar, who plays a large roll behind the scenes of the site. I don’t give him enough credit 🙂 Also thank all our team mates Yusuf, Ritij, Raeez and Steven who spend sleepless nights posting the articles. We post quality articles with very simple English so that each reader is deeply into the article in such a manner that no doubt arise.

We can’t stay away from the computer for very long. Lol!!!

We have been ruined by a lack of funds all these years and are still struggling, but things seem to be falling in place in the upcoming years. We are sure we’ll be able to get past the financial hurdles, and then, you shall see the true character of BharathAutos.


Please leave a comment whenever you visit

It’s like visiting a place where there is a guest book by the front door. Before you exit, you sign it to leave a note about your experience of the place.

I know that people are visiting by virtue of site meter, but almost no one leaves a comment. If you are in a hurry (and who isn’t these days?), just leave a “tweet or like,” or even a few words will do it.

Once again I thank all our readers for your support. Always ride safe wear helmets and drive safe wear seatbelts. Hope you enjoy reading our articles. Here’s to many more anniversaries to come!!!…


‘BharathAutos team wishes you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year′


Promising you our best services,

– Mohammed Asrar

[email protected]


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