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Hi Friends! Today our blog has completed one successful year and I am extremely happy. On December 24th, 2010, I pushed the “publish” button on my first post. I still remember previous year when I first posted an article about the Mercedes-Benz R-class, we had only 6 visitors and today we have a decent number of visitors. I’d like to thank everyone for their ongoing support. This website would be nothing without you.

So if you are one of those decent number of visitors (and how else could you be reading this?) – Thank you. And please continue to make regular visits. If you have a neglected favourite posting from the past year which you think more people should see, let us and the world know about it in the comment box below.

Mohd Asrar (Editor)

Comments and RSS numbers are the coin bloggers get paid in, so we’ve been delighted at the wonderful group of people who have been joining us on a daily basis and responding to our musings on automobile topics. They say teachers learn from their students, and it’s certainly been true for me that bloggers learn from their commenters.

We will do our best to keep bringing you original articles, as well as keeping you up to date with what’s going on in the world of Indian auto market, we can’t stay away from the computer for very long. Lol!!!

Once again I thank all my readers for their support. Always ride safe wear helmets and drive safe wear seatbelts. Hope you enjoy reading my articles.


‘Bharathautos team would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year 2012’


 – Mohammed Asrar

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