BEWARE: Pulsar RS 200 getting sold with Eurogrips, instead of MRF Tyres

The Pulsar RS 200 has gotten a huge amount of positive words from both the media and clients alike since its launch. The bike is probably the best Pulsar till date and despite the fact that the RS 200 shares its underpinnings with the 200 NS, the criticism is unquestionably better. This is because of the new MRF tires on the bike which offer a ton of grasp. Notwithstanding, the organization has begun to offer Eurogrip tires on the Pulsar RS 200 at this point. These tires need grasp and don’t motivate enough certainty to ride quick.


Bajaj Auto has been putting forth the Pulsar AS 200 with Eurogrip tires since the very beginning while the littler AS 150 uses the MRF rubber. The purpose behind this is the supply requirements being confronted from the Chennai based producer. We had reported before that the Pulsar AS 200 will begin getting MRF tires around the happy season. The same could be the reason in the matter of why some RS 200 bicycles are getting sold with Eurogrip tires. Likewise alluded to as Euroslip by riders, the not all that positive tyre brand is made by TVS.

There is another shot of the company swapping tyres to give educated clients MRF tyres and the ones who don’t ask are given Eurogrips. Like on account of the AS 200, it accompanies Eurogrip tyres and on asking the salesperson, he was not hesitant to show the bike with MRF tyres. This implies the MRFs on the RS 200 could be swapped with Eurogrips on the AS 200. Because of volumes, stock administration and conceivable supply limitations, all producers source tyres from numerous sellers.

And this probably one of the reasons for this issue to crop up.

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