Even the new-age Pulsars come with low-cost Eurogrip tyres!

The Pulsar 200NS has been a great bike but its low-cost Eurogrip tyres haven’t exactly been in strongest suit. At whatever point we asked Bajaj, if and when is the rubber changing, the answer dependably was that they are at par with the opposition.


Regardless, it was back in December-2014, it was recognized the 200NS came shod with MRF tyres and it creates the impression that Bajaj is putting forth them alongside Eurogrips in some lot subsequent to Sep-Oct a year ago. This year three new Pulsars have joined the positions which incorporate the new leader – Pulsar RS200 and the new Adventure twins – AS150 and AS200.

The good guys at Bikeadvice particularly and painstakingly recognized that every bike from the stage-showcased ones at all the media occasions in Delhi and Pune to the showroom presentation bikes in Bangalore and additionally Bhopal came with the MRF tires. We were hoping that Bajaj has dumped the Eurogrips totally in any event for the new Pulsars. Be that as it may, it was a few days ago that an AS200 was spotted with Eurogrip tyres.


This persuades that Bajaj is going to supply the AS200 (furthermore conceivably the AS150) with both the tyre choices relying upon the client request. Yet, will you truly need a sub-par tyre for the same measure of money? We are composing this snappy content to keep you educated about this and on the off chance that you are worried about the rubber, do make a note of the tyres when you book your bike, so you can evade the Eurogrips.

Bajaj used to offer the Eurogrips on their smaller bikes against MRF and to take care of the demand. We truly trust and accept that the leader Pulsar RS200 comes just with MRF rubber. On the off chance that you detect one with Eurogrips sporting RS 200, do let us know.

Checkout the video of Pulsar AS200 with Eurogrip tyres, after a jump.

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