VIDEO: Bajaj Pulsar celebrates its 18th anniversary with an 18-Year Old

Eighteen years ago, with two iterations, the Bajaj Pulsar began its journey and affirmed its identity as a male. Many versions of the bike have been launched throughout all these years, where some are still on sale, while some could only survive for a short time. Positioned as a thrill-seeker machine, the Pulsar was the go-to machine on a budget for those who want to be at an exciting machine’s controls. The company celebrates its 18th birthday in a new video with a restless kid who can’t stay quiet and discovers a machine that allows him to sit there once he turns 18.

bajaj-pulsar-celebrating -18-years-anniversary-with-18-year-old

The Bajaj Pulsar range currently ranges from the Pulsar 125 entrance level to the Pulsar RS200 range-topping range. The 150 and its different versions, the NS160, the still popular 220F and the NS200, are in between. Bajaj presented the CS400, now called the Bajaj Dominar, at the Auto Expo 2014. On the other hand, the Pulsar SS400 displayed alongside came through with the same concept but could never be fitted with the 400cc engine on the Dominar.

The Pulsar series also included models that are now discontinued but have been popular at dealerships for the time they were available. These included the Light Sport Pulsar 135, the Adventure Sport 200, and the 180cc range. However, since it was first introduced, the 220F has been sold on almost unchanged and is still a much-loved machine for what it offers, even in the wake of more modern and new competition.

Bajaj Auto is said to have been working on Pulsars ‘ next-gen machines, information that have not broken their R&D department’s walls. The brand needs an injection of freshness as the competition already has a lot more to offer and the design language of the Pulsar is now showing its age. Since the genre of adventure riding is experiencing a lot of growth, we hope the Adventure Sport will make a comeback with a powerful engine and hardware that will make it go up against the likes of the Impulse and the Himalayan. But we can only wish for that.


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