Bajaj Terminates it’s partnership with Kawasaki, will focus on the KTM range

Bajaj Auto had officially announced that they will end their long-standing partnership with Japanese two-wheeler manufacturer, Kawasaki from 1st April 2017.


Now on-sale Bajaj Avenger lineup is based on a Kawasaki Eliminator motorcycle.

This is due to deepening of ties between itself and Austrian partner KTM. Bajaj and Kawasaki first made a technical arrangement in 1984, and both jointly developed some of India’s most reliable bikes like the Caliber, Boxer series and 4S champion. Kawasaki also designed the original Pulsar, which took the country by storm and shot Bajaj to fame.

Since the post – Pulsar era Kawasaki and Bajaj agreed to sell imported CKD bikes made by the former through the latter’s Pro biking stores, a premium bike dealership network.

Since Bajaj bought stake from KTM, the former converted its Pro biking dealership’s to KTM dealerships, which jointly sold KTM and Kawasaki motorcycles. This resulted in strained relationships between KTM and Kawasaki, where the later accused Bajaj of giving importance to KTM bikes.

This has resulted in the split, in which Bajaj and Kawasaki have arrived at a mutually amicable decision.


Bajaj Dominar 400 and KTM Duke 390 makes for a tasty competition yet, both share same underpinnings.

Although Bajaj Auto has lost a very minor share of the sales/service they earned by selling/servicing Kawasaki’s motorcycles, whereas the Kawasaki is a biggest loser as it may take them years to establish as many service points as Bajaj’s Probiking outlets.

The Bajaj-Kawasaki Split-up is a worst nightmare for Kawasaki CKD motorcycle customer in Tier-2 or even worst in Tier-3 cities customer, you will have hard-time getting your motorcycle serviced. Even if you manage to transport to your nearest Kawasaki outlet, it will not only be expensive but also take a lot of time to source spare parts for your motorcycle.


India-made Bajaj Pulsar 200NS is sold as a Kawasaki Rouser 200NS in some ASEAN markets.

However, Kawasaki will continue to use Bajaj Auto’s facility in Akurdi and clarified that the split is only in India and that Kawasaki Motors and Bajaj Auto will continue to maintain their co-operative relationship in the rest of the world, including other ASEAN markets.

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