SpyShots: Mahindra S101 seen wearing production body; launch late-2015

Mahindra Vehicles are probably the most spied cars on the road today, which shows the frequency of testing of Mahindra vehicles before they are launched. The Mahindra S101 has been spotted undergoing camouflaged testing, numerous times at different locations across the country and every time it is spotted, we notice a slight difference in design or some other element, which shows that Mahindra is constantly making changes to the car.


The Mahindra S101 was spotted testing again, but this time in production ready form. Yes, it was still under wraps, but it is noticeable that it is ready to go into production as the wheels and the interior, all looked production ready.

The compact SUV from Mahindra, codenamed S101 is Mahindra’s answer to the likes of the Ford Ecosport and the Renault Duster and upcoming vehicles like the Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha. The official name of the car is unknown as of now, but rumors are that it might be called the XUV 300, as it is already fondly called the baby XUV because of its design characteristics.


The Mahindra S101 is an all new vehicle built by Mahindra on a Monocoque chassis, just like its elder sibling, the XUV 500. The interiors of the S101 will be one of a Kind in India, reminding people of the erstwhile HM Ambassador, yes it is the seating configuration we are talking about, which is the 3+3 layout, which might as well end up with the S101 getting a dashboard mounted gear lever.

Mahindra is engineering the S101 to excel in its segment, and in order to do that, Mahindra is loading it with class leading features like Automatic Air conditioning, Multi-function steering wheel, and an all new Infotainment system. The S101 is loaded with safety measures too, featuring four airbags, ABS, EBD and ESP.


The S101 will feature the new Mahindra engine family, with 3-cylinder petrol/ diesel engines sending power to the front wheels. The power and torque figures will be known in a few weeks time. These new engines from Mahindra will be tuned more towards efficiency than performance, and will feature advanced electronics to achieve it.

The S101 will be a major step ahead for Mahindra as it will be first Mahindra vehicle to receive the AMT treatment. AMT (Automatic Manual Transmission) gearboxes have taken the Indian automotive industry by storm after it made its debut in the Maruti Suzuki Celerio, and now almost all the manufacturers in the entry level car segment are developing their own versions of AMT’s. The Mahindra S101 will be the first SUV in the Indian market to feature an AMT gearbox.

The Mahindra S101 is expected to be launched later this-year.

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