Bajaj Cafe Racer Boxer 150. a Splendor Pro Classic rival?

Bajaj Auto has unveiled the Cafe Racer, a retro-styled motorcycle at the 2015 Turkey Motor Show alongside the much-awaited Pulsar 200 SS and Pulsar 150 NS. Not many of us know that, Bajaj Auto has silently discontinued the Boxer 150 in Indian market about a year after its launch, but the Boxer 150 is still on-sale in Turkey.

bajaj-cafe-racer-boxer-150Bajaj Cafe Racer Boxer 150 unveiled at the 2015 Eurasia Moto Bike Expo in Istanbul.

The trend of Cafe Racer’s started in India after the launch of Royal Enfield Continental GT 535 in late-2013. Followed by the showcase of the Splendor Pro Classic by Hero MotoCorp at 2014 Auto Expo held at New Delhi, at the same event Mahindra-2-Wheelers too displayed the Cafe Racer called jcMoto based on the Centuro motorcycle. Recently Bajaj Auto has showcased the Cafe Racer based on the Boxer 150.

Design-wise, the Cafe Racer Boxer 150 is not garnished with chrome like the Splendor Pro Classic. However, the dark-blue-coloured motorcycle does look attractive with matte-black bits everywhere. New circular headlamp, front cowl, blinkers, new handle bar, under-belly exhaust with carbon-fibre coating, and a cafe racer cowl replacing the rear seat are the visual changes. And also note the missing kicker and disc brake on the display model.

Powering the Bajaj Cafe Racer Boxer 150 is a 144.8 cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine producing 12 Bhp and 12 Nm torque, mated to 4-speed manual gearbox.

Of course, it’s too early to say yet, but what are your thoughts if Bajaj were to introduce this in India in the near future?

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  • Dheeraj Varma Nadimpalli

    as it looks too plain simple for this design and doesn’t gel with the theme of the bike.

    -Engine also seems under powered given the specifications. A cafe racer is meant that one can have a rev happy engine to race given the bikes single seating position and the theme.


    Suggestion for better response in Indian Market:

    I feel that adding / replacing the below features is sure to make wonders and a new place for bajaj in the Indian Market.

    – The front suspension by KTM Duke or of the Pulsar 200NS / 220dts-i looks more stunning for the bike given the bulky front fender, beefier tyre and the huge tank.

    – The chassis could have been designed better as it is visually not appealing nor ground breaking.

    – Since bajaj is going to replace the Pulsar 220 dtsi with the Pulsar 200AS, I suggest that they continue to use the tried and tested India’s beloved pulsar 220 dts-i engine on this boxer with oil cooled feature. If bajaj does this they’ll have another flag ship in their league with the Boxer name and it shows homage to the classic Boxer with a new meaning for the retired commuter.

    – Front and Rear Disc Brakes if the engine capacity is increased to the above mentioned Pulsar 220 specs.

    – Sturdier rear swingarm with a mono shock of the Pulsar 200 NS with a tad longer wheelbase adds more comfort.

    – Bar end mirrors and a Digital Speedo with 2 round dials Blue or White which also shows distance to empty goes well on the bike. Plus bajaj’s backlit switch gear.

    A Projector Head lamp with a drl neon ring.
    – A redesigned fuel filler Cap with increase in fuel capacity.

    Bajaj if you really wanna be a game changer and become the market leader for years to come you better do it right and hire the best designers.

    I’m sure if you gave a second thought about the improvement and the addons from the above list you’ll be having a lil Grin on your face about the idea above.

    Verdict: love the design but needs more development.

    I love Bajaj but not its R & D or marketing team always ignoring consumers inputs and wasting money on incomplete and imperfect designs with lots of improvement still needed.

    P.S: Its Hamara (customers) Bajaj & not the other way round 😉