Pulsar Café Racer O-Four by Bombay Custom Works gets a new life

Street bikes are now becoming a rage with more and more people now getting their bikes custom made. With powerful engine, fancy lights and some great accessories, the café racer bikes look amazingly attractive. They reflect the personal style of the owner. There are a lot of custom bike making companies that are thriving. One of them is the Bombay Custom Works. They have been making some of the finest street bikes by using small engines of Yamaha RX series and Bajaj Pulsar bikes.

bajaj-pulsar-cafe-racer-o-four-bombay-custom-works-mumbaiPulsar Café Racer O-Four by Bombay Custom Works

Sometime earlier, Bombay Custom Works redesigned a Bajaj Pulsar to create a café racer. This bike has been named Pulsar Cade Racer O- Four. It is indeed quite a beautiful bike that has been developed on the 150 DTSI platform of the Bajaj Pulsar series. This mean machine comes with leather touch that gives it a stunning look and makes it immensely attractive.  And now it has come to our notice that the Bombay Custom Works have painted this motorcycle to give it an all new look. No upgrades have been made, simply the color has been changed to give it a new life and an even more attractive appearance.

Bombay Custom Works have set their work in the bylanes of the city of Mumbai. They built and customize bikes as well as cars to earn their livelihood. More than a source of income, modification of bikes is a passion for them. It has been their dream for long that they finally embraced when they started working on creating custom bikes. According to Bombay Custom Works, the idea for creating street bikes or modified bikes is very simple. We dedicate our team on working on a prevalent platform to create a functional motorcycle with aesthetic design that signifies our spirit and reflects our hard work.

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bajaj-pulsar-cafe-racer-o-four-bombay-custom-works-001     bajaj-pulsar-cafe-racer-o-four-bombay-custom-works-002     bajaj-pulsar-cafe-racer-o-four-bombay-custom-works-003

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