Hima’s Yamaha RD350 Café Racer

Custom motorcycles have been garnering a lot of fan following these days. Customized and tailored as per the personal interests of the client, such motorbikes stand out and reflect the personality of the rider. These days, café racers are doing good business. Though most of the café racers are based on Royal Enfield, recently a café racer has been developed based on Yamaha RD 350, a classic cult bike. The Yamaha RD350 café racer has been named Notorious by Hima, the owner of this bike, who also owns a modified Electra.

modified-yamaha-rd350-cafe-racer-indiaHima’s Yamaha RD350 Café Racer

Hima started working on the bike in the year 2007. It demanded a lot of hard work and posed problems. The gear lever slipped, the connecting rod needed a change, etc. Hima worked along with the same guy who helped him with Electra. They altered the chassis and customized the seat. Thunderbird headlight and head light clamp were incorporated. A FZ handlebar was used and fork was dropped as low as possible. It has when rim of 18 inches and both its tire are of MRF.

The unique feature about the Yamaha RD350 is its oil tank. Its tail has two compartments one at the front to house a dry cell battery and one at the back as oil tank. The oil is piped down from here to the powertrain of the bike. Since it was difficult to get the right shape for the oil tank, the makers had to do a lot of welding and denting to cut a bullet fuel tank. A tank cap of some old generator has been used.

The Yamaha RD 350 café race features two bullet exhausts which Hima purchased from Guwahati. It has rocket silencers that announce its arrival before Notorious actually comes its sight. Unfortunately, Hima had to sell his Yamaha RD350 café racer last year owing to financial problems.

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Source 350cc.com