Bajaj Auto plans to launch new Pulsar by September 2011

Bajaj Auto plans to launch the next generation of its flagship model Pulsar as soon as this September. And all of them have been waiting impatiently for the next generation version of these extremely popular bikes, expected to be a great improvement over the current gen machines. The new Pulsars are expected to boast bigger, more technologically advanced engines, a totally reworked chassis-suspension, fatter rubber, (finally) a mono-shock and totally reworked styling.

Recently Bajaj Auto had given the Pulsar 150 and Pulsar 180 a minor facelift. This leaves the Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi with no change since its launch in 2009. Things have changed since the P220 came out (in its new avatar) and the Pulsar no longer retains the fastest Indian tag. Can Bajaj do something to claim it back? Probably with the next generation Pulsar!

Bajaj Pulsar - Blueocean

Whether it would be a 200cc engine derived from KTM, which could come with advanced engine technology which features 4 valves, just like the Pulsar 135LS. DOHC and liquid cooling or whether a 250cc engine would make it to the Pulsar range, remain questions that the coming days could throw light upon. We won’t be shocked if we get to see a 250cc twin on the next-gen Pulsars.

“The Pulsar is on a good wicket in the sports segment where its monthly numbers are over 80,000 units. An upgrade is due by September which is expected to keep the sales momentum going” said Mr. Rajeev Bajaj, Managing Director, Bajaj Auto Ltd.

Let’s not forget then, that Bajaj has its eyes firmly set on Honda and have declared them as their key rival in the country. Pulsar sells 5 times than that of Japanese bikes, could the new Pulsar 250 claim the same vis-a-vis the Honda CBR250R.

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Image – Bajaj Pulsar – Blueocean (Actuall motorcycle may differ from the above image shown)

  • dibyendu

    should i buy a pulsar now considering the fact that there will be a new version very soon ?

  • We advise u too wait for nex-gen pulsar, as Rajiv bajaj said it will launch in couple of months sometime in September 2011.

  • Azharuddin Syed

    I had booked pulsar 220 a couple of weeks ago wen dis dual tone pulsar was not released… I was gonna pay d entire amnt in aug and take d bike… Bt now after reading al dis, i am very confused abt what to do… Shud i wait for d new pulsar or shud i buy d current one… Also i m shockd at d dual tone of 220. What if d new pulsar turns out to be disappointing as wel.. Plz help me….

  • Azharuddin new Pulsar 220 is old machine itself, but now feature dual tone paint job. New Pulsar 220 available in red/black and blue/black two tone treatment is given to make Pulsar 220 stand out of the populated Pulsar motorcycles in India. Pulsar stand out of the populated Pulsar motorcycles.

  • Azharuddin Syed

    Ya, dats ok… As it is i didnt like the dual color p220.. I would still go for the all black p220.. What i am confused about is whether to wait till Sept for d new next gen pulsars? Is it going to be worth..??

  • Sir we don’t have any specifications or any spyshots of next-gen Pulsar’s. As Mr. Rajiv Bajaj had said earlier that the Pulsar brand of motorbikes are due to get an upgrade by the month of September this year. We don’t have any idea is it a minor or major upgrade. Now rumors are spread the next-gen Pulsar could feature a 250cc engine, As you booked already we prefer you to go ahead for the all black P220.

  • naveen

    सी इ रेअल्ली दिद्न्त लिकेद थे दुआल कालुर ऑफ़ पुल्सर २२०, टॉम मोर्निंग इ ऍम बुकिंग ब्लू कालुर बुत व्हेठेर आईटी विल दिर्टी अस थे मुस्क ऑफ़ पुल्सर विल बे ब्लैक एंड रेस्ट ऑफ़ थे बॉडी इन ब्लू अह….प्ल्ज़ कैन यू अपलोड थे न्यू पुल्सर पिक्टुरेस ऑफ़ बीके शौल्ड बी इन ब्लू,प्ल्ज़ रेपली में इन इंग्लिश इत्सेल्फ़ हियर म नोट अबले तो चंगे थे लंग,किन्द्ली हेल्प आउट एंड सेंड आईटी soon

  • naveen

    kindly upload blue pulsar 220 pitures m not able see the pitures soo

  • Mohammad Moin

    well, i m eagerly waiting for 250 plus cc bike…..all i need is a bike of about 250+ cc…full faired, dual tone colored, broader tyres, front n rear dic n decent mileage of upto 30 kmpl, hope new pulsar would give me all this….
    when its going to be launched????

  • khawinder

    please let me know the price of new next gen pulsor and when it will launch as the month sept begins, but no dealer say nothing about next gen new pulsor . Please advice and give ur sugestion

  • Vikkrant

    This New Pulsar iz Looking Mind Blowing ….