Bajaj’s 100-cc premium motorcycle scheduled to launch on 7th January

Bajaj Sonic 100cc DTS-i

Couple of weeks before, we posted an article saying that Bajaj Auto is soon-to-release a new 100cc motorcycle which will not only be the most advanced commuter motorcycle in the segment but also the most expensive too. The company has never tried to be the rat race of pricing and it will continue to do the same with the new bike.

According to BikeIndia, Bajaj Auto will launch its spanking new 100cc motorcycle on the 7th of January 2013. Furthermore, they reveal that this new offering will either belong to the Discover or Boxer sub-brands. The upcoming 100cc commuter motorcycles is expected to be built super reliable, extremely fuel efficient and of course, to as inexpensive as they can get.

The sources in the web reveal that the new 100cc bike gets the triple spark technology which debuted in the Pulsar 200 NS, the engine is speculated to be mated to a 5-speed gearbox which is a again a first in the segment. Also engine has 4 valves which offers class leading performance and fuel efficiency. These bikes provide manufacturers huge sales volumes and help build the brand across the country.

Bajaj Sonic 100cc DTS-i

Speaking to the media, Bajaj Auto President K Srinivas said, “It will be the most expensive 100-cc bike ever launched and will be the most advanced technologically.” Information regarding the price and technical specifications of this new 100-cc offering is under wraps as of now. Srinivas further said, “Customers in the segment have had to compromise with boring bikes and boring features for the sake of mileage for too long. Bajaj Auto want to offer exciting bikes with exciting features along with good mileage. Customers have started moving towards 125-cc bikes as they offer a lot more features. The new bike, however, will be a mass product.”
( NoteThe image showcased here is not of Bajaj’s 100-cc premium motorcycle, but 2007 Bajaj Sonic 100cc DTS-i.)


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