2014 Yamaha FZ-Series [FZ-16/FZ-S/Fazer] pops-up on Yamaha India’s Website

2014 New Yamaha FZ-16 - Panther Black (Main Color)2014 New Yamaha FZ-16 – Panther Black (Main Color)

Yamaha is known worldwide for their high performance 600+ cc motorcycles, as well as their competition motorcycles but in India, they have been doing well with just their low-capacity motorcycles.

When a manufacturer is at the top, or wants to get there fast, it becomes necessary that they should keep launching new products or at least give updates to their existing products, but Yamaha chose to remain out of the pack in this aspect too.

Yamaha India has very few products on offer today, in the Indian market, and all the products are pretty old too, and haven’t been updated very frequently, but Yamaha has made sure that the customers are happy, by giving updates to their bikes in the form of new colors, and graphics options, every now and then.

2014 New Yamaha FZ-S - Pouncing Black (Main Color)2014 New Yamaha FZ-S – Pouncing Black (Main Color)

Even the vehicles which are pretty old, still sell pretty well because of this technique used by the boffins at Yamaha. The biggest example is the FZ series. Launched in 2008 as the FZ-16, the bike did pretty well, but as soon as they noticed that sales had started slowing down, Yamaha launched the FZ-S which was nothing more than just an FZ-16 with Awesome colors to choose from. The same goes with the Yamaha Fazer too. These two bikes are available in a host of good colors and now Yamaha is all-set to add few more new colors.

There were rumours about Yamaha launching an update to the YZF-R15 named the R15 V3, but it has now been confirmed that they will not be launching the R15 V3 anytime soon, but however, what they will be doing is, updating the R15 (already launched), as well as FZ-S and Fazer by adding new colors to the mix.

2014 New Yamaha Fazer - Terrain White (Main Color)2014 New Yamaha Fazer – Terrain White (Main Color)

The new color options added to the 2014 FZ-series, are as follows;

    • FZ-16 – Raider Red, Ambush Blue and Panther Black (Main Color) at a price of Rs. 70,411**.
    • FZ-S – Preying Red, Hawk-Eye Gold and Pouncing Black (Main Color) at a price of Rs. 72,385**.
    • Fazer – Ravine Red, Wilderness Black and Terrain White (Main Color) at a price of Rs. 77,351**.

(** All prices mentioned here are of Ex-Showroom Delhi.)

Yamaha India has already dispatched the 2014 versions of FZ-16, FZ-S and Fazer to the dealerships. Now the company has also updated its website with all the information of the 2014 FZ series signaling the launch in the next couple of days and the website does mention ex-showroom price of the motorcycle in Delhi.

These new color options will act as a stop-gap arrangement to boost sales before the V2 of the FZ is launched in India. Mind you, the FZ-S V2 will not be just another paint and sticker job, but will also have upgraded engine, gearbox and even upgraded suspension. (Click here to see, Yamaha FZ-S Version 2 Concept in flesh)

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New 2014 Yamaha FZ-16 –

2014 New Yamaha FZ-16 - Panther Black     2014 New Yamaha FZ-16 - Raider Red     2014 New Yamaha FZ-16 - Ambush Blue

New 2014 Yamaha FZ-S –

2014 New Yamaha FZ-S - Pouncing Black     2014 New Yamaha FZ-S - Preying Red     2014 New Yamaha FZ-S - Hawk-Eye Gold

New 2014 Yamaha Fazer –

2014 New Yamaha Fazer - Wilderness Black     2014 New Yamaha Fazer - Ravine Red     2014 New Yamaha Fazer - Terrain White