2012 Yamaha FZ Series launched, FZ-S gets new Fiery Orange shade (Updated)

2012 Yamaha FZ-S - Fiery Orange

Yamaha India recently introduced a stylish new Fiery Orange colored Yamaha FZ-S. However, the company has not yet officially announced this modification. It has just put up a notification regarding this on its website. Apart from the new orange color model, Yamaha has also given a refreshing touch to the FZ series through slight modifications. These subtle modifications apart from the introduction of the orange colored model are introduction of three more new color choices viz black cyber green, sunset red and competition white. Addiitionaly the FZ 16 carries on to be offered in the stylish lava red and midnight black color models. Further, the FZ and FZ-S has received a modification to the pillion seat.

2012 Yamaha FZ16 - Midnight Black

The biggest grudge FZ owners have reported is the lack of comfort for the pillion. Thus, the company has taken necessary steps and has widened and elongated the rear seat of both bikes the FZ and FZ-S. Additionaly both the FZ series Yamaha bikes have got a new grab rail. The company also has a wierd message regarding this new grab rail that says that it can be used as a backrest as well as a support for pillion rider during bumpy rides. This sounds funny because this is exactly what the grab rail is used for always.

2012 Yamaha FZ-S - Sunset Red

Further, the chain cover of both the FZ series bikes has has been altered to cover the lower portion as well. However, the pricing along with the engine specs and other details haven’t changed a lot. Every now and then, Yamaha is coming up with a new colored model. This gives an indication that the company has understood how to keep the popularity of its products alive. Hence, similar modifications are soon expected in the Yamaha Fazer as well.


UpdatedEarlier we said the pricing along with the engine specs and other details haven’t changed. But now according to close sources reveal, the 2012 FZ-16/S/Fazer has a slight updated on the peak torque which now seems to have come down from the earlier 14.0 Nm to 13.6 Nm on the latest models (tuning the engine for better fuel efficiency) and the 2012 FZ will be available at a price of Rs. 69,250, FZS at Rs. 71,280 while Fazer will bear the price tag of Rs. 76,380 (All ex-showroom price, New Delhi).


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