2013 Mercedes Benz S-Class to be launched in four body styles!

Next gen Mercedes Benz S Class - FrontView

German luxury car manufacturer, Mercedes Benz has revealed that the next gen S Class will be launched in four new body styles. As of now Mercedes Benz engineers and designers are working round the clock in order to give final touches to the next gen S Class. Next gen Mercedes Benz S Class will be launched in European and American car markets by 2013.

The current version of Mercedes Benz S Class was launched way back in 2005 and it is about time that the three pointed star team updated their premium luxury sedan. In an interview, Dr Uwe Ernstberger, Program Manager, 2013 Mercedes Benz S Class, stated, “The S-Class is the best luxury car in the world, and we have many surprises in terms of technology for the new model. It will deliver something very different to its rivals – and it will have a much broader range.”

Next gen Mercedes Benz S Class - RearView

Of the four new 2013 S Class variants which will be launched next year, two of them will be similar to the one available currently as they will be built on the same platform but with different wheelbase length. The third variant on which the axe will fall is the Mercedes CL-Class Coupe, which will be replaced by the coupe version of the new S-Class and the fourth variant will be launched as a limousine similar to 1960’s 600 Pullman.


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Source – AutoExpress

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