Mercedes S-class technical failure claims life of 27 year old man in Jaipur


On my this birthday 12th November-2011, 27 years old Nirmal Saraf, travelling in Mercedes Benz S-class lost his life in an unfortunate road accident in Jaipur. He died inside the very car meant for his protection because the air bag didn’t open till the end moment. A family had spent Rs one crore for buying the vehicle. Vimal Saraf, the father of the victim lamented, “You take Rs 100 crore rupees from me but bring my son back.”


Nirmal will never come back now. He was going to Agra from his house in Jaipur in his grand Mercedes S-class. Nirmal had barely left Jaipur when he rammed into a kiosk to avoid collision with a truck.  Ironically, the very air bag which was meant for his protection, failed to open when he most required it causing him to suffer from critical injuries. According to Nirmal’s father he purchased such a huge car so that his son would be protected. However, the claims of Mercedes proved to be hollow.


Nirmal had got married a year back and was about to become a father. However, the family’s happiness at the new arrival soon turned into sorrow after their son’s death. According to Nirmal’s father, if Nirmal’s company if such a high profile company continues to remain careless, a case of murder should be slapped on them. Not only that the company is so irresponsible, that none of its representatives have come to meet the victim’s family so far.


On the other hand, the Mercedes Benz sales manager in Jaipur claims that the car is famous for its safety features the world over and has even been bestowed with many awards for the same. He said he would be able to comment on this particular incident only after the technical department gave its opinion on the matter.

By the time you’ll be reading this post, some senseless driver will be tormenting on the road. As CEAT Tyres TV commercial says, ‘The Road is Full of Idiots’ who cannot be dealt with. But, atleast let us be responsible on our driving techniques so that the rest of the commuters are not disturbed by the way we drive.

Here is the Facebook community creating by the family of the deceased.
Mercedes Exposed


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