Mercedes-Benz S600L Pullman to protect Pratibha Patil

Mercedes-Benz S600L - 001

The Mercedes Benz S-Class is an epitome of luxury. What happens when it is stretched, given a luxurious interior detailing and armored to withstand military grade small arms and grenades? The Mercedes gets the name of a Pullman and proudly transports Mrs Pratibha  Patil, the Indian President, serving as the official state car. Billed to cost over INR 6 Crores, the Indian president has got a brand new ride after nearly a decade of making have to do with the aging Mercedes Benz S-Class limousine which was originally commissioned for and used by her predecessor, Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

Mercedes-Benz S600L - 002

This engine’s tremendous grunt is quite necessary as all the armoring that the car has seen adds considerable weight to the car, with the weight of the car tipping scales ar over 3 tonnes, which is a full ton over the stock car’s weight. The safety features of the car, apart from a fire extinguishing system, run flat tyres and  a self sealing fuel tank also include a special air intake system to recirculate fresh air in case of noxious fumes engulfing the car’s cabin. The car also comes with a special reinforced body shell that encloses the president’s cabin that will not disintegrate even under heavy impact or grenade attacks.

Mercedes-Benz S600L - 003

In true limousine style, a partition will separate the president’s portion of the limousine with that of the driver’s cabin of the car. Also, the longer wheelbase of the Pullman limousine has ensured that seats facing each other are a possible layout in the car, which will make face to face in-car meetings possible. Powering the Mercedes Benz Pullman S600L limousine is a twin turbo 5.5 Liter petrol engine producing 515 Bhp of peak power.

Mercedes-Benz S600L - 004

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