World’s 10 cars, most difficult to park

Supercars are great in terms of their styling, features, performance, speed and various other factors. But when it comes to parking them, some of these cars offer a great deal of challenges. Here are the world’s 10 cars that are the most difficult to park:

1.  Maserati MC12:

Maserati MC12 India

It is difficult to park because of their zero rear visibility. Also, they have heavy clutch and steering. There is no room for shoes and the turning radius is huge.

2.  Lamborghini Countach:

Lamborghini Countach India

Everything about the Maserati MC12 squared.

3.  Ford GT:

Ford GT India
The small windows, super wide design and restricted rear visibility makes this supercar difficult to park. Another issue is that this car cannot go in majority of the places.

4.  Cadillac Fleetwood:

Cadillac Fleetwood India

When you see this car, there is hardly anything left to image why this car would be difficult to park. It huge size hampers the ability to judge the distance.

5.  Chevrolet Suburban:

Chevrolet Suburban India

The giant size of this car will make you bump it into everything else.

6.  Buick Riviera:

Buick Riviera India

What makes this car hard to park is its protruding and fragile grille. The wrap around rear point and pointy back also add to the trouble. Also, its low seating restricts the visibility.

7.  Phantom Corsair:

Phantom Corsair India

The car comes with tiny windows that affect the visibility and its long body makes it troublesome to park.

8.  Chevrolet Camaro:

Chevrolet Camaro India

Whether you believe it or not, the car is wide and its hood obstructs the vision at the corners. Its huge, flat tires and zero rear visibility further increases the problem.

9.  BMW E65:

BMW E65 India

A lot of units of BMW E65 feature faulty parking sensors. Huge blind spots are formed by the car’s D-pillar and the seats.

10.  Mitsubishi Eclipse:

Mitsubishi Eclipse India

The car’s rear is too high and it obstructs your vision. All you can see from the rear window is the car’s spoiler. Its Spyder variant is even more troublesome.


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