VIDEO: Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe (Orange) catches fire in Delhi

A burning Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe in Delhi, seen at the Delhi’s NTPC Chowk. Local media say the fire suddenly began near the rear portion of the car, which has its mammoth 5.2-liter V10 engine.


The incident was reported in the morning when the driver Surjan Singh drove it out of a service centre. Smoke started emanating from the engine suddenly while the driver was waiting for a right turn near the NTPC Chowk and he stepped out of the Italian supercar, and it caught fire a moment later. Fire officials suspect a short circuit to be the cause of the fire. This hottie surely needs a new engine…

The Gallardo here is the second-generation, however, we aren’t sure if it’s the LP 550-2 or the LP560-4. It belongs to a businessman in South Delhi who had sent it for a repair at the service centre. The police have sent the supercar for a detailed analysis to figure out why it burst into flames.

The Gallardo went out of production in November-2013, is Lamborghini’s best-selling car model with over 14,000 units sold worldwide in its 10 year production run. The car, keeping in typical Lamborghini tradition, is named after a famous breed of fighting bull.

After its production ended, the Gallardo was succeeded by the Huracan in 2014.

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Source: Supercars in India