Skoda dealer sells modified Rapid as ‘Rapid Black Edition’ – Case Filed

There has been news coming out that a man has filed against a Skoda dealership in Bengaluru. This is because the dealership has sold a modified car as a new model. Suhas Manjunath, who purchased a Skoda Rapid Black Edition, was surprised by some features of the car that didn’t go according to the plan.


Customer files case against Skoda Auto for modifying regular Skoda Rapid as ‘Rapid Black Edition’.

Frequent visits to the service centre due to headlamp defects worried the owner, and the technician confirmed that the car may not be what it is. After the technician  connected the car headlight power socket to a stock Skoda Rapid, its functions were normal. This led to increasing tensions between the owner and the dealership.

It was also found out that the internal wiring, which was supposed to be different from a regular Skoda Rapid, wasn’t so. After getting to know about this, Mr. Manjunath filed a case with a consumer court against Skoda for not checking their products and for illegally changing the products as modified ones. This made it complicated for Skoda and made them to admit the truth.


Buyer has shared Proforma Invoice which shows booking for the Skoda Rapid Style Plus 1.6MPI in Candy White BP (BP stands for Black Package limited edition).

Mr. Uday, senior general manager of Skoda India, did admit that they switched parts of the car to make it a limited edition model. Mr. Suresh, owner of Vinayak Skoda later confirmed that they did not have a regular Skoda Rapid Black Edition, both of which were recorded by Mr. Manjunath as proof. Events like these may tarnish the dealership as well as the brand strength in a country.

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Source: Team-BHP