A Swedish man survives 2 months inside Snow-Covered Car (Video)

A 45-year old man, Peter Skyllberg from Sweden was found alive stranded in his car covered with dense snow close to the Arctic Circl! Peter was stranded for two months in his car in freezing temperatures plunging as low as -24 degrees Fahrenheit (-31 degrees Celsius).

According to reports, Peter Skyllberg survived without food. Apparently all he had for two months was handfuls of snow, which he melted and drank to quench his thirst. Snowmobilers were passing by and happened to notice the car in which Peter was trapped. At first the snowmobilers thought the car was empty and abandoned, but on closer inspection, snowmobilers found Peter huddled in the back seat of the car in his sleeping bag.

A Swedish man survives 2 months inside Snow-Covered Car

Peter was in an emaciated condition and was rushed quickly to a hospital after rescue services arrived on the scene. Peter’s neighbours revealed Peter was lonely after his breakup with his girlfriend and also was caught in the vicious cycle of debt. He is currently in the ICU at Umea University Hospital.

It’s quite amazing how he managed to fight death for such an extended period in such hostile conditions. Various people have various theories. While some suggest that the car preserved heat by acting like an igloo, others say that a drop in the body temperature may have transferred him into a state of hibernation like bears, and that may be the reason how he survived.

Whatever the reason, we are absolutely astonished with this survival story. Our salute to the resilience and fighting spirit of the brave man!


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