Prank gone wrong: Person tries to scare a driver, gets hit!

A prankster in Bhopal recently got hit by a Fiat Punto, while attempting to practice his senseless prank. It should have been a ghost trick, recorded on a camera had it gone as planned but things didn’t go down as well. Some stupid people with white sheets and wigs chose to terrify drivers out and about by coming in front of moving cars.

The so-called ghost came in front of the moving Punto. Naturally, the driver got in a frenzy, stopped without a moment to spare, and began turning around. Seconds after the fact, another ghost  hops out and about, obstructing the driver’s way from behind. The second one even tried running with the car and hop on it.

The driver went ahead in full force as a result of that. The prankster in the front tried to stop the way of the driver but the drive didn’t stop this time and banged the car straight into the prankster which almost killed him. However, he survived with some bruises.

We highly suggest against such mindless activities because they put not only yours, but others lives at stake too. We condemn the joke and people should take into consideration that things appear funny only till a certain stage. Here’s the video:

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