Ford dealer hacked customer data of another dealer from same city – Report

A Ford dealer in Indore has been accused of hacking the customer data of another dealership belonging to the same city. This is a unique and first-of-its-kind case reported in Ford’s server at America. The server has confirmed the hacking of data of another dealer from the same city.


Ford dealer hacked customer data of rivalry outlet, now accused of cheating.

A case was registered by the cyber cell after the data had been leaked. It is being investigated currently to identify the main accused in this event. There are currently two Ford dealerships in Indore, namely Sanghi Ford and Sainath Ford.

An event occurring a couple of weeks ago, In which the owner of Sanghi Ford, Rohit Sanghi, said that he had noticed that the data of his customers were getting leaked and the buyers get their respective cars from Sainath Ford. After receiving the complaint, a cyber cell inspector filled a fake entry of a customer into Rohit Sanghi’s account, and the results were interesting. A phone call from Sainath Ford was received by the fake customer which confirmed that the system had been hacked.


Sainath Ford is accused for stealing customer data from Sanghi Ford, confirmed by Ford’s server in America.

After knowing it, Manish Holkar, CEO of Sainath Ford said that few of his employees have left to join the rival dealership. In defence, he added saying this is a main reason for registering a false case and no data has been stolen from Sanghi dealership.

Regarding this, Rohit Sanghi, owner of Sanghi Ford said that whenever a customer comes into his dealership to purchase a car, the buyer ends up doing it at Sainath Ford. Both are confident and intend to clear the situation, after the investigation gets completed.

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Source: GaadiWaadi