Tata Motors’ website section hacked by ‘Hasnain Haxor’

It has recently come into light that a section of the official website of Tata Motors was hacked by Hasnain Haxor, a Pakistan based hacking group. This section had the url connect.tatamotors.com. This group, also popular by the name of Pakistan Haxor Crew, has been known for breaking into many other website. Previously, they have hacked the websites of Pakistani Consulate in Jeddah and Indian Public Health Engineering Department as well. Once the company was able to recognize the unauthorized access to their website, they sprang into action. They quickly disabled the website and currently the url displays the message stating that it is presently inaccessible.

tata-motors-website-hacked-pakistan-haxor-crewTata Motors’ website section hacked by ‘Hasnain Haxor’

Though the hacking of the Tata Motors website has been disclosed over internet, the company has not made any official statement on the issue as yet. The Hasnain Haxor hacking group also have an active page of a popular social networking website, Facebook. As per the reports, the group has hacked more than 550 Indian websites so far.

As per the message of the Hasnanin Haxor hacking group, they are not fighting against any particular individual. They are targeting the system as a whole to bring into their attention their security measures. Their message stated that if you do not attend to the security needs, it will come back as one of your worst nightmares. According to the group, they have defaced the website in order to give them a chance to improve their security measures before someone else hacks and destroys it.

It is no first instance of Tata Motors’ website getting hacked. In August last year, too, a similar incident was reported. At that time, the website was hacked by ‘Phr0zenMyst’, a Twitter handle. One of the reason behind the hacking of their official website was that the automaker was developing and manufacturing vehicles to be used by the Indian Army.


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