World fastest and most fuel efficient diesel super car ‘Trident Iceni’

trident-iceni-grand-tourer-frontTrident Iceni Grand Tourer – FrontView

Most super cars boast about their luxurious features, powerful engine and to-die-for looks. However, there is a new super car is the market that is not just the fastest diesel super car, but also the most fuel efficient one!

The Trident Iceni’s interiors have been designed in a British retro style. The super car has been powered by a 6.6 L V8 Turbo diesel engine that is powerful enough to deliver a power output of 395 HP and a peak torque of 948 Nm. This engine has been coupled with a 6-speed automatic transmission. This awesome car can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometer per hour in just 3.7 seconds.

The top speed offer by Trident Iceni is 309 kilometer per hour. For the brake system, the super car comes with Alcon 380 mm steel vented discs at the rear and Alcon 400 mm steel vented discs. Both has 6 pot Alcon Callipers with them. At a full tank filled with bio-diesel, it can run for 3220 kilometers giving a fuel efficiency of 24.39 kilometers per liter.

trident-iceni-grand-tourer-rearTrident Iceni Grand Tourer – RearView

Customers can get their Trident Iceni personalized according to their specific taste. Manufacturers will be offering 3 different body styles. Buyers will be given options to upgrade performance that will increase the power output of the engine to 430 HP and peak torque to 1286 Nm. They can also choose to upgrade the differential and rear carbon diffuser.

Besides the performance upgrade package, customer can choose for a track performance package that boosts the power output to 660 HP and provides peak torque of 1422 Nm. The package include performance intercooler, altered differential, Coelene and Kevlar clutch upgrade, race spec suspension, CCX carbon ceramic discs as well as a paddle shift gearbox. The Trident Iceni (base variant) will be available at a starting price of 96,000 Pounds which is nearly Rs. 97.7 lakhs.

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trident-iceni-grand-tourer-insideTrident Iceni Grand Tourer – InsideView

trident-iceni-grand-tourer-sideTrident Iceni Grand Tourer – SideView