Government of India will permit two-wheeler’s to carry cargo from April 2016

Although we are familiar with sights of bikes carrying home delivery fast food stuff and couriers from quite some time, but so far there has not been a regulation or standard that these bikes need to follow or on the size and carrying capacity of the cargo boxes installed on them.


In a recent move the Government of India has decided to regulate the size and carrying capacity of such cargo boxes. The maximum length allowed is 550 mm long and the maximum width allowed is 510 mm and the maximum carrying capacity of each box is 30 kgs. Also, pillion rider will not be allowed to ride on bikes fitted with cargo boxes. So far it is not clear if there vehicles will be required to obtain any permit prior to be fitted with cargo boxes.

A broader use of such bikes will be in using them as Two-wheeler ambulance, which will be very useful in delivering medical aid quicker to patients in remote or congested areas where the the regular ambulance might take long to reach. Although these two-wheeler ambulance will provide emergency first aid, they will not be allowed to transport patients. The idea of two-wheeler ambulance was first discussed in 2013 but it is now that this will be actually implemented.

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Source: Times of India