Chevrolet Beat bags 5000 cars order for delivering Domino’s Pizza

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Chevrolet Beat, an eye-catching and sporty hatchback from GM’s stable was launched in India wayback in Jan-2010. With perfect blend of style, impressive interiors, competence and dynamics, Chevy Beat is tagged as fantastic value for money car. Due to its funky design, this car has been among top preferences of youth of the country.

In America, Chevrolet is doing something which owners won’t appreciate even one bit. Domino’s Pizza is planning to buy 5,000 units of small car Chevrolet Beat, also known as Spark in the USA, for delivering pizzas in US fleet, one for each franchisee. Perhaps why pizza maker Domino’s chose Beat as their pizza delivery car?

While hiring a car designer would be one way to get the job done, the other, equally effective way would be to start a car design contest and finalize on the best design and reward the winner. Domino’s exactly did that, they conducted a 5 stage Domino Ultimate delivery vehicle challenge which completed in August-2012 and the winners are out now. The aim of this contest was to find the best design for a delivery vehicle which would come at a price of $20,000 (INR 11 lakh) for Domino’s Pizzas.

Domino's Chevrolet Beat Pizza Delivery Car - InteriorView

The competition was divided into four categories – exterior rendering, interior rendering, night scene and best branding. Romanian designer Marian Cilibeanu was a winner in three of the four categories. His D-Box2 won first place where exterior rendering was concerned which is ideally suited for Domino’s Logo and Out for Delivery signs. D-Box2 project was also the cynosure of all attention due to its special bulls eye window on delivery door situated just behind driver’s door.

Romanian designer Ianis Vasilatos and SparkUS project was ranked third where interior rendering category was concerned. The changes made to the Beat to deliver pizzas include a new front bumper, matte finish grey paint (with Domino’s written on both the doors and hood) and cab style illuminated banner is placed on the roof of the car. It is likely to be powered by 1.2-litre Smartech petrol engine producing 84 BHP. However, don’t expect this to be a reality anytime soon in India, as you know Domino’s outlet still depend on 100cc motorcycles to deliver pizzas!!!
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